The term is developed from the editing symbol for ''to be deleted''. The contention is that something is too much. Hence the origination of the resulting works and proposals for transactions of disappearance, transformation, perhaps also banishment

Global Fence, 2015, Object-Intervention in the garden of the Austrian Cultural Forum Rome, part of the project
Giulia fa la storia

Global Fence

Linguale Bildhauerei, 1992, Kunstverein Aachen, installation

Lavabomben entschärfen, 1991, Vulcano Stromboli,
Blau Gelbe Galerie, Vienna, performance, installation

Setzung B.15/07/89, 1989/90, Berlin wall, intervention, Galerie Stalzer, Vienna, installation

Buona Notte, 1986, Acadamy of Fine Arts,
Vienna, installation

DELEATUR, 1985/86, Lecksteinprojekt,
public space, 1090 Vienna